Pembinaan Moderasi Beragama Generasi Islam Melalui Kegiatan Keagamaan di Nagari Kapa Kecamatan Luhak Nan Duo

Autor(s): Aliya Rinessa Aliya
DOI: 10.30983/dedikasia.v3i2.8038


The Islamic generation in Nagari Kapa, Luhak Nan Duo District, needs to be nurtured through religious activities to understand the teachings of Islam moderately in facing the challenges of globalization and the risk of radicalism. This activity aims to shape an Islamic generation that has a moderate, tolerant understanding of religion, respects differences, and is capable of maintaining the continuity of religious values amidst the flow of information and challenges of modern times. The method used in this community service is the formation of religious discussion groups. Through efforts of teaching and learning the Qur'an in Islamic Education Park (TPA), as well as instilling values of moderation and good morals in children, can enhance understanding and appreciation of moderate Islamic teachings.


Moderasi beragama, generasi

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